Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) fired back at Joe Biden after the president announced plans to impose vaccine mandates on businesses. DeSantis, however, was not having any of it, saying that it is “fundamentally wrong” to cause Americans to lose their jobs because of their vaccine statuses.

“I could say the one thing that I’m concerned about is them trying to force mandates on individuals and businesses. How could we get to the point in the country where you would want to have someone lose their job because of their choice about the vaccine or not?” DeSantis asked during a press conference.


“I mean, look, some folks have reasons to do, maybe they’re making the wrong decision, but to put them out of work and send them and not let them earn a living because of this, I just think that that’s fundamentally wrong,” he added, going on to point out that all officials are doing by taking these coercive measures is alienating more people.

” I don’t think it actually helps to get more people to ultimately do it, but I do not believe that people should lose their jobs over this issue, and we will fight that,” DeSantis pledged. “If they try to do that through a rule like the Department of Labor, I don’t think they have the legal authority to do that, but we obviously would want to support protections for people who were just trying to earn a living.”

Not stopping there, DeSantis said that one of the biggest problems with these mandates is that they fail to recognize the natural immunity of people who have previously been infected with COVID-19.


“The idea that somebody that has recovered from COVID has less protection than somebody that’s, say, taken the Pfizer —  I, you know, Israel did a study and said that’s actually, you know, the infection control of immunity is stronger,” he said. “Again, none of this is a hundred percent, but it’s very strong. So they don’t recognize that. And I think that that’s not following the science. And then I also think they don’t have the authority to impose that on private employers or on private employees.”

In the end, DeSantis does not believe that the government has any businesses forcing employees to get vaccinated.

“Maybe they have authority with the federal workers. I don’t know,” he continued.

“What I try to do is say, here’s what we’ve seen in Florida. The people that have been admitted to the hospital this summer are overwhelmingly not vaccinated. …. So you’re talking about a relatively small slice of the population that is, that is leading to a lot of these hospitalizations,” DeSantis said, noting they “put that out there for folks.”


Unlike Biden, who is shamelessly trying to use this pandemic to control every aspect of our lives, DeSantis has been out to protect individual rights since the very beginning of COVID-19. He’s a far better leader than Biden could ever be, and the people of Florida are lucky to have him.

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