Some damning new Wuhan COVID-19 documents have just leaked, and a former state department official is saying that they “completely contradict” claims made by Dr. Anthony Fauci about the reality of gain-of-function research being done inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology that may have caused the coronavirus pandemic.

The documents released by DRASTIC have exposed a plan to create a coronavirus, in this case, SARS-CoV-2,  that would be more infectious and transmissible via humans. Once they were made, the viruses would be released into bat caves, where researchers would test out vaccines on the flying mammals to see if they could cure them. Researchers in China planned to inject the “super-charged” virus into “humanized mice” to see what the effect on them would be.


Dr. David Asher, the ex-State Department official, told Fox News that what he garnered from these documents is that there is a “smoking gun that explains the specific features of the [virus] sequence that are so peculiar.”

“The most genetically unusual piece of the puzzle and the sequence is a ‘furin cleavage site,’ which allows the virus to spread from bats to humans, and among humans in a highly pathogenic way,” he said.

“The fact that the Wuhan Institute – with EcoHealth Alliance as their U.S. partner – was applying for funding to do gain of function research, explicitly to endow a bat-borne Coronavirus related to SARS with a furin cleavage site so it could essentially kill humans,” Asher added.

EcoHealth Alliance is an NGO based in New York run by Dr. Peter Daszak, who was recently talked about by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.


“We learned that the guy directly tied to bat virus experiments in the lab in Wuhan was the same guy telling the entire world that there was no possibility this virus could have come from the Wuhan lab. Conflict of interest, anyone? It’s absurd,” Carlson said of Daszak back in June.

Asher went on to say that he was happy to see that DARPA, the Pentagon’s research & development arm, refused to directly fund the COVID-19 project in the Wuhan lab because of “weapons of mass destruction concerns.” He added that DARPA felt concerned that the research was “pure gain of function – which contradicts Fauci.”

“It looks like the Chinese got into a global viral project, which works with this EcoHealth Alliance, and used China’s funding to research advancing the pathogenicity of COVID. Now we have all of the pieces genetically that account for Covid-19 being manufactured in that lab in Wuhan, the Wuhan institute by the bat lady (Dr. Shi Zhengli),” Asher explained.

“All the lies that the Chinese had put out — and all the lies and the cover-up at the NIH and others have been complicit in have now been defeated,” he continued.

Asher concluded by saying that there needs to be an FBI investigation into all of this, calling it a likely “criminal cover-up.”


“The fact that the U.S. Government has any relationship still to the Wuhan Institute is criminal in my mind,” he said.

This proves once and for all that Fauci is as crooked as it comes. It’s time for him to be held accountable for the lies and corruption he perpetrated throughout this pandemic.

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