On Monday’s episode of his MSNBC talk show “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough launched an all-out attack on Americans who are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine. He went so far as to say that they are “too stupid” to listen to their doctors or science and that they need to “wake up.”

Scarborough began by pleading with people skeptical of the vaccine to “be selfish” because their small business or job “depends” on them being vaccinated.


“You know, it’s not just about health,” the MSNBC host said. “We’ve said it a million times. If you don’t care about how your neighbor is, your children’s health, if you’re too stupid to care about what your doctor says or science, and you’re just looking at QAnon conspiracy theories, or you’re just looking at Facebook, wake up. Snap yourself out of it.”

“Be selfish, if that’s what it takes, and know that your small business depends on it,” Scarborough continued. “Your job depends on it. Making sure your community stays up and making sure entrepreneurs actually have an economy where they can create businesses, grow jobs, and again, those jobs will mean you will be better off financially as well. So, if you can’t do it for the right reasons, if you can’t do it to protect your children and to protect your neighbors and to protect your communities and protect your friends that you go to church with or go to synagogue with, do it for your bottom line.”

In July, Scarborough said that teachers, nurses, and police officers need to get vaccinated or “look for another job.”


“Joe Biden needs to make the tough choice right now,” Scarborough said at the time, according to The Wrap. “And he needs to start in his own political backyard. And he needs to tell the teachers union that he’s going to require every public healthcare person get it, but also starting– every public school teacher needs to be vaccinated.”

He went on to say that Biden needs to say that “if you are a public school teacher, or you teach at a public university, as a condition of your job, you have to get vaccinated.” Scarborough then stated that healthcare workers should be forced to get vaccinated as well.

“Here we are, six, eight months later, and I see statistics that 40-45% of health care workers in nursing homes are not vaccinated. Are you kidding me?” Scarborough said. “You’re putting the lives of senior citizens at risk. Everybody has the freedom to do what they want to do, but the government has a responsibility to step in and say that that other 40 % of staff that works at nursing homes, you get vaccinated, or you find another job.”

“It’s time for Joe Biden, it’s time for Democrats, it’s time for serious Republicans, to start ignoring the ground noise and start focusing on the signal,” he concluded. “And the signal is this, and if you’re a school teacher, if you’re a nurse, if you’re a cop, you need to get vaccinated. And if you don’t, you need to look for another job.”

Liberals have had way too much fun using this pandemic to try and control every aspect of our lives. Contrary to what Scarborough said, every American should have the right to decide what goes in their bodies, including vaccines.

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