Two years after former President Donald Trump removed the U.S. from the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty, which critics have long warned will lead to an international gun registration plan, Joe Biden is dragging our country right back into it.

On his show on Wednesday, our very own Stew Peters talked to journalists Edward Szall, who warned that Biden is trying to get the United Nations to help him with his gun grab in America.


Peters warned that this treaty is “just one of many treaties created by people that you didn’t vote for around the world that can be used to strip you of your rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.” He went on to add that these non-government organizations “want to control the international sale of all weapons, not just tanks and jet fighters, but everything, shotguns, rifles, handguns, all of the relevant ammunition accessory, spare parts, all of it.”

The NRA issued a similar warning about the treaty earlier this month, saying, “This is the first step towards creating a global firearms registry.”

“President Biden wants to give foreign bureaucrats control over the rights of law-abiding Americans, and the NRA will fight it every step of the way,” the NRA added.


During his interview with Peters, Szall warned about some of the most disturbing things he found when looking over this treaty.

“The first one is that it would deny the fundamental right to buy, sell or trade or even transfer firearms, including handguns,” Szall said, adding that” it requires all complying countries…to establish a maintaining national control system. This is not just a gun registry but a global one. It’s worse than the No Fly List. This is the no-shoot list.”

“The last thing is the government would have the ability to ask other governments, other militaries and especially the U.N. if they wanted to come into the country and help with disarmament,” he continued. “Instead, specifically, stockpile management, disarmament and demobilization, and reintegration programs. I suppose that one is for you and I when we refuse to give up our guns, get the shot, and start speaking in pronouns that don’t go with the Bible. But this is the plan.”

Szall went on to lament that “there are communists running this country that want you dead, they want you in slave, they want a subservient population, that bows to a ruling elite class, and you and I, my friend are not part of the ladder.”


Peters believes that what is happening in our country now goes back to the 2020 election stolen from Donald Trump. He said that the audits “will show that the 2020 election did not belong to Joe Biden that I am convinced of.”

“And until we fix 2020, everything that we’re talking about the guns, the forced vaccinations, the loss of individual liberty, the shredding of the Constitution, the stealing of your freedom, the giving you the illusion of freedom, the unfair media, the big tech censorship, the silencing of opposition, you can’t question the election, or you’re on a terror watch list. You can’t question the COVID response measures, or you’re on a terror watch list: all of these things go away if we fix 2020,” Peters continued.

Find out more about this in Peter’s full show, which you can watch here. 

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