MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In another display of the utmost absurdity over the delivered verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, Best Buy’s “Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Talent Officer” sent out an email to employees offering counseling services over the rendered verdict.

Because apparently, according to Best Buy’s C-level human resources offshoot tasked with pandering, Rittenhouse being found to have lawfully defended his life against the likes of criminal rioters and a pedophile “stirs many emotions” and is “deeply hurtful.”

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The email from Best Buy’s Mark Irvin went as follows:

“The verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial stirs many emotions, and it’s another difficult moment for our nation. While these events can be challenging and deeply hurtful, I hope you will take a moment to reflect on the values that unite us as a company and as a nation.

We can do better, and we will do better, as each of us as individuals, allies, and human beings press together for better outcomes. I know events like these can take a toll on our mental health and emotional well-being. Please know that Best Buy is here to support you.

You’re encouraged to take advantage of our mental health resources, including the Life Solutions counseling services. This Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers free confidential services, available 24/7, for all employees and anyone living in their household. By engaging together and supporting one another in vulnerability, empathy, courage, and grace, we can continue to strengthen our company and community to stand together as one.”

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If one were to stew on the phraseology for a mere moment, one could catch on to exactly what Irvin is conveying – Mark Irvin is suggesting that the incorrect verdict reached in the case was the wrong one. While personal opinions on contentious cases are acceptable, this is an internal company email sent to employees denoting the preferred company opinion on the trial.

Best Buy is saying that a 17-year-old boy cannot defend himself from riotous armed criminals and a convicted pedophile actively attacking him.

Furthermore, it’s fair to say many can remember the contentious O.J. Simpson verdict delivered in October of 1995, where likely no one (ostensibly outside of those directly connected to the victims in the case) were directed to mental health services over the rendered verdict.

However, Best Buy feels as though it must deliver internal commentary on Rittenhouse’s case. It was also an absolute shock (sarcasm inserted) to see that Best Buy’s “Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Talent Officer” has their pronouns listed in their LinkedIn bio.

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Screenshot of Mark Irvin's LinkedIn account
Screenshot of Mark Irvin’s LinkedIn account

But then again, Best Buy, and Mark Irvin as well, also happen to be located in none other than Minneapolis – the epicenter of where the nonsense of post-May of 2020 originated thanks to a certain someone’s adoration of drug cocktails and a Minneapolis Police officer’s flagrant disregard for the concept of bad optics while being literally filmed by cellphone toting oglers.

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While the term of “safe space” is somewhat played out, Best Buy’s internal email regarding the Rittenhouse verdict is a prime example of such – same as with Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts.

The aforementioned university is offering “processing” spaces – segregated by race – due to the verdict in the Rittenhouse case. Once again, it is coming from none other than an office tasked with “Diversity and Inclusiveness.”

Also, the email from the university happened to contain falsehoods about the case, specifically alleging that Rittenhouse drove “to Wisconsin with an automatic rifle.”

“The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is creating space for our community to process the’ not guilty’ on all accounts verdict in the Kenosha, Wisconsin case where Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois native, shot and killed two people protesting the wrongful death of Jacob Blake in 2020. Kyle was acquitted of all charges in the case after driving to Wisconsin with an automatic rifle.”

At least the Best Buy internal email didn’t contain literally verifiable false information – but Fitchburg State University is outright spreading complete lies about the case.

The university published a statement shortly after communicating the erroneous information, claiming that in “haste of creating these events, some factual errors were included in the original communication” but that those completely false statements “do not change the intent of the gatherings, which is to provide a space for members of the campus community to discuss their reactions and experiences.”

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